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A fast algorithm for structured gene selection Sofia Mosci, Silvia Villa, Alessandro Verri, Lorenzo Rosasco Fourth International Workshop in Machine Learning in System Biology 2010
A primal-dual algorithm for group sparse regularization with overlapping groups Sofia Mosci, Silvia Villa, Alessandro Verri, Lorenzo Rosasco Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 23 2010
Low-cost face biometry for visually impaired users Balduzzi Luigi, Giovanni Fusco, Francesca Odone, Dini Silvia, Mesiti Marco, Destrero Augusto, Lovato Alberto 2010 IEEE Workshop on Biometric Measurements and Systems for Security and Medical Applications 2010
An adaptive video surveillance architecture for video analysis Luca Zini, Nicoletta Noceti, Francesca Odone Eurographics Italian Chapter Conference 2010
Relative Pose estimation for planetary Entry Descent and Landing Francesca Odone, Alessandro Verri, Luca Zini, Piergiorgio Lanza, Alessandra Mercer ACCV - Workshop on "Computer Vision for Vehicle Tecnologies: from Earth to Mars" 2010
Unsupervised video surveillance Francesca Odone, Nicoletta Noceti Proc. of ACCV 2010 2010
Learning Adaptive and Sparse Representations of Medical Images Alessandra Staglianò, Gabriele Chiusano, Curzio Basso, Matteo Santoro Poster at the MCV 2010 workshop, MICCAI 2010
Elastic-net regularization: iterative algorithms and asymptotic behavior of solutions Veronica Umanità, Silvia Villa Numerical Functional Analysis and Applications 2010
Consistency of learning algorithms using Attouch–Wets convergence Silvia Villa, Lorenzo Rosasco, Sofia Mosci, Alessandro Verri Optimization 2010
Solving Structured Sparsity Regularization with Proximal Methods Sofia Mosci, Lorenzo Rosasco, Matteo Santoro, Alessandro Verri, Silvia Villa Proceedings of European Conference on Machine Learning 2010
Learning how to grasp objects Annalisa Barla, Baldassarre Luca, Nicoletta Noceti, Francesca Odone Proc. of ESANN, European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks 2010
A biology-driven approach identifies the hypoxia gene signature as a predictor of the outcome of neuroblastoma patients. Fardin, Paolo, Annalisa Barla, Sofia Mosci, Lorenzo Rosasco, Alessandro Verri, Versteeg, R, Caron, HN, Molenaar, JJ, Ora, I, Eva, A, Puppo, M, Varesio, L Molecular Cancer 2010
Identification of multiple hypoxia signatures in neuroblastoma cell lines by l1-l2 regularization and data reduction Fardin, Paolo, Cornero, Andrea, Annalisa Barla, Sofia Mosci, Acquaviva, Massimo, Lorenzo Rosasco, Gambini, Claudio, Alessandro Verri, Varesio, Luigi Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology 2010
Regularization Approach to Nonlinear Variable Selection Lorenzo Rosasco, Matteo Santoro, Sofia Mosci, Silvia Villa, Alessandro Verri Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS2010) 2010
3-D object segmentation using ant colonies Piergiorgio Cerello, Sorin Christian Cheran, Stefano Bagnasco, Roberto Bellotti, Lourdes Bolanos, Ezio Catanzariti, Giorgio De Nunzio, Maria Evelina Fantacci, Elisa Fiorina, Gianfranco Gargano, Gianluca Gemme, Ernesto López Torres, Gian Luca Masala, Cristiana Peroni, Matteo Santoro Pattern Recognition 2010
Automatic estimation of inflamed synovial membrane volume in 3D MR images Curzio Basso, Matteo Santoro, Damasio, M.B., Malattia, C., Alessandro Verri, Tomà, P., Martini, A. Poster at ECR 2010 Scientific Exhibit 2010
Multi-modal non-rigid image registration of MR and PET-CT for staging and therapy of rectal adenocarcinoma Garlaschi, A, Bacigalupo, L.E., Biscaldi, E., Gabriele Chiusano, Curzio Basso, Rollandi, G.A., et al Scientific Poster at RSNA 2009 2009
Towards an unsupervised framework for behavior analysis N. Noceti, F. Odone Workshop on Patterns Recognition and Artificial Intelligence for Human Behavior Analysis (PRAI*HBA) 2009
On learning with Integral Operators L Rosasco, M Belkin, E De Vito J. Mach. Learn. Res. 2009
A novel approach to the generation of hippocampal templates for the automatic analysis of the hippocampal region M. Aiello, M. Esposito, F. Isgró, M. Santoro, P. Calvini, A. Chincarini, G. Gemme, S. Squarcia, S. Tangaro Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing - Proceedings of VipIMAGE 2009 2009
Entropy conditions for L_r-convergence of empirical processes A. Caponnetto, E. De Vito, M. Pontil Adv. Comput. Math. 2009
Elastic-net regularization in learning theory C. De Mol, E. De Vito, L. Rosasco J. Complexity 2009
The l1-l2 regularization framework unmasks the hypoxia signature hidden in the transcriptome of a set of heterogeneous neuroblastoma cell lines P. Fardin, Annalisa Barla, Sofia Mosci, Lorenzo Rosasco, Alessandro Verri, L. Varesio BMC Genomics 2009
Proton Beam Radiotherapy Of Uveal Melanoma:The Italian Patients Treated In Nice-France C. Mosci, Sofia Mosci, Annalisa Barla, S. Squarcia, P. Chauvel, A. Iborra European Journal of Ophtalmology 2009
Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in the assessment of disease activity in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis C. Malattia, M. B. Damasio, C. Basso, A. Verri, F. Magnaguagno, S. Viola, M. Gattorno, A. Ravelli, P. Tomà, A. Martini Rheumatology 2009