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Parameter Space Exploration within Dynamic Simulations of Signaling Networks Cristina De Ambrosi, Annalisa Barla, Lorenzo Tortolina, Nicoletta Castagnino, Raffaele Pesenti, Alessandro Verri, Alberto Ballestrero, Franco Patrone, Silvio Parodi Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 2013
Convergence rates of nested accelerated inexact proximal methods Silvia Villa, Saverio Salzo, Baldassarre, Luca, Alessandro Verri 5th NIPS Workshop on Optimization for Machine Learning 2012
A Machine Learning Pipeline For Discriminant Pathways Identification Annalisa Barla, Giuseppe Jurman, Roberto Visintainer, Margherita Squillario, Michele Filosi, Samantha Riccadonna, Cesare Furlanello LNCS/LNBI 2012
All gestures you can: a memory game against a Humanoid Robot Ilaria Gori, Sean Ryan Fanello, Francesca Odone, Giorgio Metta Humanoids2012: IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots 2012
A novel automated system for MRI quantification of the inflamed synovial membrane volume in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis C. Malattia, M.B. Damasio, Curzio Basso, Matteo Santoro, Alessandro Verri, S. Pederzoli, C. Mattiuz, S. Viola, A. Buoncompagni, A. Madeo, M. Mazzoni, K. Rosendahl, K. Lambot-Juhan, L. Tanturri, GM Magnano, A. Ravelli, A. Martini Arthritis Care & Research 2012
Comparison of Clinical Outcomes for Patients with Large Choroidal Melanoma after Primary Treatment with Enucleation or Proton Beam Radiotherapy Carlo Mosci, Francesco B. Lanza, Annalisa Barla, Sofia Mosci, J. Hrault, L. Anselmi, M. Truini Acta Ophthalmologica 2012
Discriminant functional gene groups identification with machine learning and prior knowledge Grzegorz Zycinski, Margherita Squillario, Annalisa Barla, Tiziana Sanavia, Alessandro Verri, Barbara Di Camillo Proc. ESANN 2012 2012
Effect of size and heterogeneity of samples on biomarker discovery: synthetic and real data assessment Barbara Di Camillo, M Martini, Giuseppe Jurman, Tiziana Sanavia, F Sambo, Annalisa Barla, Margherita Squillario, Cesare Furlanello, Gianna Toffolo, Claudio Cobelli Plos One 2012
Multi-Output Learning via Spectral Filtering Luca Baldassarre, Lorenzo Rosasco, Annalisa Barla, Alessandro Verri Machine Learning 2012
A Vision-Based Navigation Facility for planetary Entry Descent Landing Piergiorgio Lanza, Nicoletta Noceti, Corrado Maddaleno, Antonio Toma, Luca Zini, Francesca Odone Proc. of ECCV 2012 2012
Learning common behaviors from large sets of unlabeled temporal series Nicoletta Noceti, Francesca Odone Image and Vision Computing 2012
Combining retrieval and classification for real-time face recognition Giovanni Fusco, Nicoletta Noceti, Francesca Odone Proc. of AVSS 2012 2012
Convergence analysis of a proximal Gauss-Newton method Saverio Salzo, Silvia Villa Computational Optimization and Applications 2012
Inexact and Accelerated Proximal Point Algorithms Saverio Salzo, Silvia Villa Journal of Convex Analysis 2012
Efficient pedestrian detection with group lasso Luca Zini, Francesca Odone IEEE ICCV Workshops - Visual Surveillance 2011
SVS: Data and knowledge integration in computational biology Grzegorz Zycinski, Annalisa Barla, Alessandro Verri Proceedings of IEEE EMBC 2011
A procedure for functional characterization of potential biomarkers from heterogeneous molecular data: Alzheimer's as a case study Margherita Squillario, Annalisa Barla BMC Medical Genomics 2011
A machine learning pipeline for discriminant pathways identification Annalisa Barla, Giuseppe Jurman, Roberto Visintainer, Margherita Squillario, Michele Filosi, Samantha Riccadonna, Cesare Furlanello Proceedings of CIBB2011 2011
Using object affordances to improve object recognition Castellini Claudio, Tommasi Tatiana, Nicoletta Noceti, Francesca Odone, Caputo Barbara IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development 2011
Learning Behavioral Patterns of Time Series for Video-Surveillance Francesca Odone, Nicoletta Noceti, Matteo Santoro Machine Learning for Vision-Based Motion Analysis 2011
Vector Field Learning via Spectral Filtering Luca Baldassarre, Lorenzo Rosasco, Annalisa Barla, Alessandro Verri 2010
A fast algorithm for structured gene selection Sofia Mosci, Silvia Villa, Alessandro Verri, Lorenzo Rosasco Fourth International Workshop in Machine Learning in System Biology 2010
A primal-dual algorithm for group sparse regularization with overlapping groups Sofia Mosci, Silvia Villa, Alessandro Verri, Lorenzo Rosasco Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 23 2010
Low-cost face biometry for visually impaired users Balduzzi Luigi, Giovanni Fusco, Francesca Odone, Dini Silvia, Mesiti Marco, Destrero Augusto, Lovato Alberto 2010 IEEE Workshop on Biometric Measurements and Systems for Security and Medical Applications 2010
An adaptive video surveillance architecture for video analysis Luca Zini, Nicoletta Noceti, Francesca Odone Eurographics Italian Chapter Conference 2010