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SVD-matching using SIFT features E. Delponte, F. Isgro, F. Odone, A. Verri Graphical Models 2006
Fuzzy Logic and Applications M. Santoro, R. Prevete, L. Cavallo, E. Catanzariti 2006
Proteome profiling without selection bias Annalisa Barla, B. Irler, S. Merler, G. Jurman, S. Paoli Proceedings of the 19th IEEE Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS 2006) 2006
Registration of Expressions Data using a 3D Morphable Model C. Basso, P. Paysan, T. Vetter Proceedings of Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition 2006
Towards a Biologically Inspired Semantic Segmentation of Goal Oriented Actions R. Prevete, M. Santoro, E. Catanzariti, G. Tessitore Proceedings Of The 28th Annual Conference Of The Cognitive Science Society (Cogsci06) 2006
Trains of keypoints for 3D object recognition E. Delponte, E. Arnaud, F. Odone, A. Verri International Conference on Pattern Recognition ICPR 2006
Towards An Implementation of a Biologically Inspired Expected Perception Mechanism R. Prevete, M. Santoro, E. Catanzariti, G. Tessitore Proceedings Of The Third Workshop On Anticipatory Behaviour In Adaptive Learning Systems (Abials 2006) 2006
Building kernels from binary strings for image matching Francesca Odone, Annalisa Barla, Alessandro Verri Image Processing, IEEE Transaction on 2005
Learning from examples as an inverse problem E. De Vito, L. Rosasco, A. Caponnetto, U. De Giovannini, F. Odone Journal of Machine Learning Research 2005
Feature selection with nonparametric statistics E. Franceschi, F. Odone, F. Smeraldi, A. Verri International Conference on Image Processing 2005
Model selection for regularized least-squares algorithm in learning theory E. De Vito, A. Caponnetto, L. Rosasco Found. Comput. Math. 2005
MEDIARAD: a Multi-platform Software Environment for Developing Imaging Applications in RADiology E. Catanzariti, R. Prevete, M. Santoro Proceedings of Seventh International Workshop on Computer Architecture for Machine Perception (CAMP 2005) 2005
SVD-matching using SIFT features E. Delponte, F. Isgrò, F. Odone, A. Verri Proc. Int. Conf. on Vis, Video and Graphics 2005
A Biologically Inspired Visuo?Motor Control Model based on a Deflationary Interpretation of Mirror Neurons R. Prevete, M. Santoro, F. Mariotti Proceedings of The 27th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (COGSCI05) 2005
Mass Detection In Mammograms Using Gabor Filters and Fuzzy Clustering E. Catanzariti, M. Santoro, R. Prevete Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2005
Support Vector Algorithms as Regularization Networks A. Caponnetto, L. Rosasco, F. Odone, A. Verri Proc. 13th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Network 2005
Web tools to support image classification Francesca Odone, Annalisa Barla, E. Franceschi, Alessandro Verri Proc. SPIE Internet Imaging Conference 2005
Statistically Motivated 3D faces Reconstruction C. Basso, T. Vetter Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Reconstruction of Soft Facial Parts (RSFP 2005) 2005
Large baseline matching of scale invariant features E. Delponte, F. Isgrò, F. Odone, A. Verri Proc. Int. Conf. Image Anal and Proc. 2005
An open system for 3D reconstruction from multiple sensors F. Isgrò, F. Odone, A. Verri Proc. Int. Work. on Comput Arch for Mach Perception 2005
A novel kernel method for clustering F. Camastra, A. Verri IEEE Trans. on PAMI 2005
A complete characterization of phase space measurements C. Carmeli, G. Cassinelli, E. De Vito, A. Toigo, B. Vacchini J. Phys. A 2004
Positive operator valued measures covariant with respect to an abelian group G. Cassinelli, E. De Vito, A. Toigo J. Math. Phys. 2004
A CAD System for the Detection of Mammographyc Microcalcifications Based on Gabor Transform. E. Catanzariti, G. Forni, A. Lauria, R. Prevete, M. Santoro IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record 2004
The theory of symmetry actions in quantum mechanics G. Cassinelli, E. De Vito, P.J. Lahti, A. Levrero 2004