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Modelli e metodi computazionali nello studio della fisiologia e patologia di reti molecolari di controllo in ambito oncologico.

Status: In progress  
Faculty: Annalisa Barla Participants: Alessandro Verri, Margherita Squillario, Grzegorz Zycinski
Proposed start date: 2010-06-01 Proposed end date: 2013-05-30

In our research project we deal with the reconstruction of the anatomy of a region of the molecular signaling network concerning especially the G0 – G1 transition of the cell cycle. This phase transition is of crucial importance for the decision a cell takes, to stay quiescent or enter the process of cell growth and division.

The goal of this initiative is an interaction of our systems biology topic in a field of molecular oncology, with the multifaceted nature of computational learning techniques. These techniques can be especially useful for searching optimal estimations and interpolations of quantitative parameters that in our network are only partially known (molecular concentrations, association rates, dissociation rates and turnover numbers).