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Non-rigid Registration

Research Area: Medical Image Analysis
Status: In progress  
Faculty: Alessandro Verri Participants: Curzio Basso, Gabriele Chiusano, Matteo Santoro, Saverio Salzo

Image registration is a well-studied problem and a number of algorithms performing well in different settings have been proposed. However, several problems remain open from the research viewpoint, like the estimation of registration field in the presence of discontinuities, the automatic assessment of the registration result, and the development of efficient methods for multimodal 3D registration.

In particular, we are studying the mathematical properties and algorithmic solutions of a regularization approach to image registration in the presence of discontinuities and large deformation. The key ingredient is the use of total variation as a penalty term of the underlying variational problem.

A relevant application of our work is carried at COVILAB, a joint lab with the Radiology Unit of the Osepdali Galliera, in the context of radiation therapy. The goal of this study is to exploit multimodal registration for combining information coming from CT-PET and MR Images.