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3-dimensional SHape Indexing and Retrieval Techniques (3SHIRT)

Status: Finished  
Faculty: Alessandro Verri  
Recent developments in techniques for modelling, digitizing and visualizing 3D shapes has led to an explosion in the number of available 3D models on the Internet and in domain-specific databases. This has led to the development of 3D shape retrieval systems that, given a query object, retrieve similar 3D objects.

Unlike text documents, 3D models are not easily retrieved. Attempting to find a 3D model using textual annotation and a conventional text-based search engine would not work in many cases. The annotations added by human beings depend on language, culture, age, sex, and other factors. They may be too limited or ambiguous. In contrast, content based 3D shape retrieval methods, that use shape properties of the 3D models to search for similar models, work better than text based methods.

Content-based shape retrieval consist of three main steps: descriptors extraction, indexing and matching. 3-SHIRT will address all these aspects, including also shape analysis (pre-processing) and overall evaluation.