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Study and development of low cost video-based systems to support visually impaired users

Faculty: Francesca Odone  
Proposed start date: 2009-06-01 Proposed end date: 2010-05-30

(Riconoscersi e riconoscere: strumenti tecnologici di ausilio visivo)

Visually impaired people meet many difficulties in everyday life, due to a limited control of the environment. This project is about studying computer vision aids to improve their sense of inclusion --- they may feel uncomfortable because, in the absence of an audio feedback (or in case of very noisy environments), they find it difficult to perceive the presence of other people. Also they may feel not confident about the way they appear.


The objective of the project is the study, the development, and the validation of a prototype system to aid visually impaired users, based on video analysis. The following functionalities will be studied: (1) feedback on the room occupacy: detection of people in the scene and possible recognition of known people; (2) virtual mirror: a feedback on the user appearance (related to the face area and including hair) is given.