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A set of full-body movement features for emotion recognition to help children affected by autism spectrum condition
Year: 2013  
Authors: Stefano Piana, Alessandra Staglian√≤, Antonio Camurri, Francesca Odone  
Book title: IDGEI International Workshop
This work has been developed inside the InfoMus Lab in Casa Paganini, Piazza di Santa Maria in Passione 34, Genoa, Italy
The EU FP7 ICT Project ASC-INCLUSION aims at devel- oping ICT solutions to assist children affected by Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC), in order to monitor their be- haviour while playing with an interactive serious game that will help them in understanding and reproducing emotions. The complete framework will analyse the voice, the face and the body of the player to have a general description of the emotion the child is feeling/trying to play. In this work the focus is on the body movement analysis. A set of 2D and 3D features is introduced and Dictionary Learning is de- scribed as a possible method to help classifying emotions. Preliminary results are shown to assess the importance of the studied features in solving the problem.