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All gestures you can: a memory game against a Humanoid Robot
Year: 2012 Keywords: iCub, robot vision, action recognition, human-robot interface,
Authors: Ilaria Gori, Sean Ryan Fanello, Francesca Odone, Giorgio Metta  
Book title: Humanoids2012: IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots
We address the problem of real-time gesture recog- nition, and we prove that our system can be used in real scenarios presenting an original memory game; the object of the game is to perform the longest sequence of gestures that it is possible to remember. We explore the human-robot interaction field, letting the player confront a humanoid robot, iCub. Our main contribution is two-fold: on one hand, we present a robust and real-time gesture recognition system; on the other hand, we place the presented system in a real scenario, where its reliability and its effectiveness are remarkably stressed. This game has ranked 2nd at ChaLearn Kinect Demonstration Competition
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