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Learning common behaviors from large sets of unlabeled temporal series
Year: 2012 Keywords: Behavior analysis, temporal series clustering,
Authors: Nicoletta Noceti, Francesca Odone  
Journal: Image and Vision Computing
This paper is about extracting knowledge from large sets of videos, with a particular reference to the video-surveillance application domain. We consider an unsupervised framework and address the specific problem of modeling common behaviors from long-term collection of instantaneous observations. Specifically, such data describe dynamic events and may be represented as time series in an appropriate space of features. Starting off from a set of data meaningful of the common events in a given scenario, the pipeline we propose includes a data abstraction level, that allows us to process different data in a homogeneous way, and a behavior modeling level, based on spectral clustering. At the end of the pipeline we obtain a model of the behaviors which are more frequent in the observed scene, represented by a prototypical behavior, which we call a cluster candidate. We report a detailed experimental evaluation referring to both benchmark datasets and on a complex set of data collected in-house. The experiments show that our method compares very favorably with other approaches from the recent literature. In particular the results we obtain prove that our method is able to capture meaningful information and discard noisy one from very heterogeneous datasets with different levels of prior information available.
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