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In this section you can find new and past announcements about our group activities such as seminars, conferences, workshops, schools.

Recent work on discriminant pathways identification presented at CIBB2011

Annalisa is presenting a a paper this week at CIBB2011, Gargnano, Italy. The paper title is: "A MACHINE LEARNING PIPELINE FOR DISCRIMINANT PATHWAYS IDENTIFICATION".

Algebraic methods in computer vision

speaker: Zuzana Kúkelová, Czech Technical University in Prague

date: 18/5/2011, 14:30

location: DISI Sala Conferenze (room 322, 3rd floor)


Regularization Methods for High Dimensional Learning 2011

Instructors: Francesca Odone, Lorenzo Rosasco

When: 6-10 June 2011
Where: DISI Università di Genova

course webpage

A 20 hours course designed to provide a self contained introduction to state of the art statistical learning techniques for the analysis of complex high dimensional data. It is designed to be accessible to graduate students in computational sciences.

Slipguru T-shirts

To celebrate Alessandro's birthday slipguru t-shirts have been put on the market!

AICA-Confindustria Prize

29/11/2010 - Luca Zini, one of our PhD students, received a AICA-Confindustria award for the best Master Theses on ICT - year 2010.

The title of his thesis was Metodi di localizzazione di testi in immagini (Text detection methods in images).


Applicazioni spaziali di processamento di immagini

Speaker: Piergiorgio Lanza - Thales Alenia Space Italia spa

Date: 27/10/2010

Location: sala conferenze DISI (aula 322, 3° piano)

Dictionary learning applied to medical images

Alessandra and Matteo presented our recent work on the application of dictionary learning to medical images at the MCV 2010 workshop, held in conjunction with MICCAI in Beijing, China the 20th of September.


  • A. Staglianò, G. Chiusano, C. Basso and M. Santoro.
    Learning Adaptive and Sparse Representations of Medical Images.
    Poster at the MCV 2010 workshop, MICCAI, 20 September 2010, Beijing, China.


Regularizers for Structured Sparsity

Speaker: Massimiliano Pontil - Dept of Computer Science -- University College London, UK

Date: 08/10/2010, h. 10.30

Location: DISI - room 322 "sala conferenze"

From Motor to Sensory Processing in Mirror Neuron Computational Modelling

Speaker: Giovanni Tessitore - VINELab - Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II"

Date: 06/10/2010, h. 10.00

Location: DISI - room 322 "sala conferenze"

Face biometry for the visually impaired

Francesca presented the paper "Low cost face biometry for the visually impaired" (L. Balduzzi, G. Fusco, F. Odone, S. Dini, M. Mesiti, A. Destrero, A. Lovato) at the BIOMS 2010 workshop held in Taranto (IT)


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