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PPlus is a simple environment to execute Python code in parallel on many machines without much effort. It is actually a fork of Parallel Python, another simple but powerful framework for parallel execution of python code, which lacks features needed for effective use in our daily research.

The PPlus homepage can be found here together with the source code.


PyCGH is a Python library for the analysis of aCGH data. It consists mainly of three components:

  • A script which creates synthetic aCGH data, for testing purposes.
  • A python wrapper for the CGHNormaliter algorithm [CGHNormaliter], a preprocessing step required to normalizeCGH signals.
  • eFLLat, an algorithm which uses a dictionary learning approach to discover common patterns in aCGH data.

The PyCGH homepage can be found here together with the source code.

Table merger

KNIME plugin implemented by Marco Ferrante

Download plugin (drop it in the plugins folder of your KNIME installation)
Download source


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