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PPlus - A Parallel Python Environment with easy data sharing


PPlus is a simple environment to execute Python code in parallel on many machines without much effort. It is actually a fork of Parallel Python, another simple but powerful framework for parallel execution of python code, which lacks features needed for effective use in our daily research.

More specifically, PPlus was created to answer following needs:

  • to facilitate data transport over distributed environment of usually very big file, exposing a simple interface while handling details in the background
  • to separate file handling between different experiments, so one machine can participate in many computational experiments simultaneously


Quick Reference

pplus.PPlusConnection([id, ...]) Implements common end point for accessing PPlus environment.
pplus.PPlusError General exception used for reporting PPlus errors.
pplus.loggers Logging utilities (for sessions and experiment logs).
pplus.ioutils File System related utilities (caching and configuration file parsing).
pplus.lockfile Filesystem-based interprocess mutex.

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Current version: 0.5.1

Get from the Python Package Index, or install it with:

pip install --upgrade PPlus

Latest documentation in pdf is also available.

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