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L1L2Signature - Unbiased framework for -omics data analysis


L1L2Signature is an implementation of an unbiased framework originally thought for gene expression analysis. The need of such a framework may be found in the Framework overview section illustrating the dramatic effect of a biased approach especially when the sample size is small.

The framework, here implemented, was used in many real applications and a collection of them is referenced in the Framework Applications section.

This library is composed by a set of Python scripts (described in the Quick start tutorial) and a set of useful classes and functions (described in the Public API section) that could be used to manually read and/or analyze high-throughput data extending/integrating the proposed pipeline.

L1L2Signature relies on two libraries also implemented by our research group and already released as open source libraries:

  • L1L2Py: implements the gene selection core, based on elastic net regularization.
  • PPlus: used to parallelize cross validation splits in an easy and effective way across a set of desktop personal computer distributed in our labs.

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Current version: 0.2.2

Get from the Python Package Index, or install it with:

pip install -U L1L2Signature
easy_install -U L1L2Signature

Latest documentation in pdf is also available.

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