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PADDLE Documentation

Date:February 28, 2011

PADDLE is a Python package for learning dictionaries with frame-like properties, as well as achieving sparse coding of the training data. In particular, it provides algorithms for

  • learning a dictionary together with a dual of itself, and
  • learning a dictionary close to a tigth-frame.

PADDLE’s license is free for both commercial and non-commercial use, under the BSD terms.



[Basso10]C. Basso, M. Santoro, S. Villa and A. Verri. “Learning Frames for Sparse Coding” Technical Report, DISI-TR-10-06, Università di Genova, 2010. [pdf]


We would like to thank Salvatore Masecchia and Annalisa Barla, authors of the L1L2Py package, who allowed us to use the L1L2Py website stylesheets.


Current version: 1.0.2

Get PADDLE from the Python Package Index, or install it with:

easy_install -U paddle

Latest documentation in pdf is also available.