FIRB project RBIN04PARL (2006-2008)

Learning is of paramount importance for unveiling the mechanisms of intelligence in biological systems and for building truly intelligent systems. The impact of learning research for technological development is far-reaching and include virtually all human endeavors.
The aim of this project is threefold: scientific, technological, and strategic:

  • the scientific goal is to take a quantum leap in learning research by focusing the effort of the participating teams on a few difficult, fundamental issues relevant to both artificial intelligence and neuroscience
  • the technological aim is to give substantial contributions to different engineering application domains, including computer vision, robotics and bioinformatics
  • the strategic objective is to catch the opportunity of reinforcing the leading position of the participating Italian teams in learning research at the international level by creating a seamless, two-way connection between Italian and MIT groups realized through stages, visits, and joint workshops.


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